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eTwinning workshop “Inclusive and diverse classroom”

Two teachers, members of the eTwinning platform, took part in the workshop “Inclusive and diverse classroom” during November 28-29.

The event took place in the Future Classroom Lab, European Schoolnet, in Brussels, Belgium and aimed to familiarize participants with basic methodological information on inclusive education and the promotion of good practices in this field. Also, the activities were focused on designing lessons and support activities for children with special educational needs and using ICT tools in the instructional-educational process.

The activities in the workshop were beneficial, as the participants returned with new ideas and knowledge. Tatiana Popa, a teacher at Heritage International School, shares her impressions: “It was an extraordinary event, because it brought together teachers from all over Europe, all different but at the same time united for a common cause – to do the captivating and student-centered educational act and everything needed for it. Moderators Efi Saltidou from Greece and Donal O’Reilly from Ireland have familiarized us with the issues of inclusion and diversity in the classroom, as well as some extremely useful digital tools to diversify the activities we involve our students in. Such workshops bring us closer to our European colleagues, and the exchange of experience at these events is very valuable for keeping up with the educational trends around the world.

Future Classroom Lab in Brussels looks fabulous! It was one of my dreams to get there, which became a reality thanks to the eTwinning program. Thank you!”

Dorina Vacari, teacher at the Public Institution Gymnasium no. 2, r. Drochia also informs us about the results and how she intends to share the accumulated knowledge: ”The event successfully combined both the trainers’ information, as well as the work in workshops and small groups, during which the participants elaborated projects of activities and lessons – models for integrating children with various types of educational requirements. Another valuable activity was the identification of partners and the founding of new eTwinning projects with the theme of diversity and inclusion. I appreciate the professionalism of the eTwinning organizers and ambassadors who promoted the workshops, educational content and web tools presented, as well as the partnership opportunities offered. I believe that the objectives of this event have been achieved.

I intend, as the president of the Interscholastic Multidisciplinary Commission of Gymnasium no. 2, in order to disseminate the knowledge acquired in the workshop, to organize a training with the teachers from the Drochia district during the Inclusive Education seminar that will take place in our institution in the second semester of this academic year. “

It should be mentioned that the participation in the event was covered by the National eTwinning Office Moldova-Technical University of Moldova from the sources granted for the eTwinning program by the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

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