TEKWILL supports the development of the IT workforce

Human resources are the most valuable asset of Moldova, and the training of professionals according to the requirements of the IT industry and the maintenance of talents in the country is one of the priority intentions of TEKWILL. In this context, the initiatives and projects organized within the Tekwill Project are implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development and Sweden.

In 5 years of implementation, the project registered:

✅22,000 + people involved in educational programs;

✅362,000 + hours of training delivered;

✅ 30% of the beneficiaries are girls and women.

The specialists involved in the project aim to diversify, multiply and further explore new educational programs that open the path of multiple opportunities for young people.

Dan THOMSON, Head of Economic Growth Department, USAID Moldova:

– When we talk to the private sector, we all hear the same message: “We can’t find enough workforce”. Together with our development partners we believe that the IT sector can be the growth engine for any economy. This is all the more important here in Moldova, because there is such a talented workforce. I believe that TEKWILL is a very important resource that can offer those skills that the labor market really needs.

Oxana PAIERELE, program coordinator, Embassy of Sweden:

– Educating new generations of IT specialists is a long-term investment that will bring results over time, regardless of changes in the labor market. TEKWILL has an important contribution in developing the aptitudes of young IT specialists through the events it organizes, through the quality of the experts it brings here, through the multitude of IT experiments it performs here, under this roof.

Ana CHIRIȚA, director of strategic projects, National Association of ICT Companies, senior coordinator of the Project “Development of the Center of Excellence in ICT “Tekwill”:

– We are aware that in the next 10-20 years most jobs will be completely different. Aside from that, we do not know for sure what these will be. It is necessary to train young people differently, based on creativity, communication skills, demonstrating increased agility and flexibility in the process.

Dinu ȚURCANU, Cisco Lead Mentor & Instructor, “Tekwill Academy” Program:

– At Tekwill Academy we do not take courses on the Internet, we do not just do courses that the teacher knows, but we follow authorized courses of the big producers in the field of IT, both in the field of programming, IT and in the field of cyber security. Thus, at the end of graduating from these courses, the students can obtain international certifications that represent a high level of knowledge in the IT field. The impact of the courses is very high and I can say with full confidence that, in the middle of the course absolutely all the students get employed in the field of work. Secondly, we have a lot of people who did not come from the IT field and started the courses as beginners, creating success stories.”

Nicoleta GHERASIMOV, Tekwill Academy student:

– I felt the need to take courses so I could show my growth at work. I like the course because it develops many skills and offers an international certificate. I feel like I have more knowledge, I can solve the tasks alone, without asking for anybody’s help and this is very enjoyable and motivating.

Adrian CIJEVSCHI, “Tekwill Academy” student:

– At the moment I am working in the field of telecommunications and, for a better and faster configuration of the equipment for the effective security of the network, these courses have helped me a lot. The information taught in the course is very topical, and the laboratories that are equipped with the best equipment are an advantage.

22 thousand young people have been trained in TEKWILL’s educational programs

TEKWILL is the strategic partner of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, of companies in the ICT industry, academia and the workforce development community. The dozens of programs created and implemented by TEKWILL provide participants with relevant knowledge in the field, familiarize them with the latest technologies and practices, but also allow them to obtain internationally recognized certifications, which open numerous employment opportunities. These include “Tekwill Academy”, career guidance programs, startups support programs, community startups, but also campaigns aimed to empower women in IT.

In order to achieve the objective of developing the workforce, TEKWILL has the key directions:

1. Implementation of training programs based on educational plans and international experience.

Thanks to the partnerships formed with big international companies, the costs of the courses have been reduced considerably, so that the price is reasonable for our country. Moreover, a number of initiatives have been launched, thanks to which the UTM teachers and students have benefited from them for free. In total, over 22,000 people were trained in the educational programs supported by TEKWILL.

2. Carrying out information and career orientation campaigns

The IT career promotion campaign, conducted annually by ATIC, aims to communicate to young people the opportunities and benefits brought by the IT activity. The initiative encourages young people to find out practical details about the professions and opportunities in the IT field, dismantling existing stereotypes, but also promoting true stories and examples of inspiring professionals. At the same time, the campaign emphasizes the idea that success and performance are based on a lot of work, a conscientious attitude, dedication and a willingness for continuous development. The estimated impact of the media campaign is at least one million people. Over the last 2 years, over 4000 young people participated in the professional orientation events held by ATIC. 

3. Supporting training events / programs and experience transfer initiatives undertaken by partner organizations

Since March 2017, TEKWILL has become the epicenter of events and initiatives dedicated to the development of the ICT workforce. Most such events, held by the Technical University of Moldova, youth organizations, initiative groups and members of the IT community in the country, were hosted free of charge. Between April 2017 and December 2018, about 70% of all events held at TEKWILL were hosted free of charge.

4. Developing a close collaboration with the institutions that train IT specialists

TEKWILL has launched a series of programs such as “UTeach” and “Tekwill Scholarships Programs”, dedicated to university teachers who teach ICT specialties and aim to diversify and adjust ICT education to current industry requirements and trends.

The training process in the IT field complies with the demands of employers thanks to the support of the United States Agency for International Development and Sweden, but also of the partners in the private and public sector. The support provided by the US and Swedish governments allows young people in our country to participate in programs that pave the way for many opportunities, bringing them one step closer to the desired future, helping them discover their talents and skills and build a beautiful career in their country.

The IT industry is a progressive one for Moldova, and currently represents about 7% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Every fifth company in the IT domain has foreign assets (in whole or in part). The performance of the sector is also observed by examining the indicators that measure the volume of IT export (with a 56% increase in 2017, compared to 2016), the number of employees and the value of wages in the ICT field. With a total number of 15,000 people employed in the IT field, the sector outpaced alcoholic beverages exports in 2019, demonstrating major opportunities for developing the field, including for IT product and service providers. Even though the sector has witnessed an official growth of IT employees with over 2000 people, from 13,456 in 2018 to 15,552 in 2018, the field continues to struggle for the development of a competitive workforce, due to a high migration rate, the rapid development of technologies and the inability of the education system to generate specialists prepared for the demands of the private sector.

Tekwill susține dezvoltarea forței de muncă în domeniul IT

Resursele umane sunt cel mai valoros capital pe care îl deține Moldova, iar pregătirea profesioniștilor conform cerințelor industriei IT și menținerea talentelor în țară reprezintă una din direcțiile prioritare ale Tekwill.În cei 5 ani de implementare a proiectului, am reușit să înregistrăm:✅22,000+ persoane implicate în programe educaționale✅362,000+ ore de instruire livrate✅ 30% din beneficiari sunt fete și femeiÎn continuare vom diversifica, multiplica și explora noi programe educaționale care să le deschidă tinerilor calea spre și mai multe oportunități. #BeGreatTogether USAID Moldova #Sweden Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau ATIC UTM – Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei Teamwork md

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