On the morning of November 28th, 2019, Serghei Andronic, Vice-Rector for Studies, Larisa Bugaian, Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs and International Relations, Carolina Timco, Head of International Relations Service, and Rodica Siminiuc, Head of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Department, met with IAW representatives: Walter Erchinger, Dmitru Calugari, Sandu Tocan, Constantin Ababii and Nicoleta Stăvilă.

During the meeting, the topics discussed were the provisions of the collaboration agreement in training of the engineering staff, especially students who are pursuing a Master’s degree. Walter Erchinger, the director of the IAW Governing Council, expressed his hope of a fruitful future collaboration, mentioning the high quality of the training of students taught at UTM. The convention refers to the organization of internships for Master’s students, within specialized companies in Germany.

At the same time, Mr. Erchinger expressed his interest in extending the collaboration with UTM, both at the level of Bachelor’s and Doctoral studies. Mr Andronic and Mrs Bugaian welcomed the initiative, noting that in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to establish the expectations and needs of the companies in Germany, the conditions for the practical and research internships, as well as the connection to the PhD schools’ research directions. The parties agreed to discuss these issues in the future, so that the interests of all parties are covered.

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