The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Assistance (CEDA), KulturKontakt Austria and with the financial support of the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) is organizing the national conference “Effective and viable governance of technical vocational education institutions”.

The conference aims to establish entrepreneurial connections between teaching / learning, income generation and institutional viability of vocational-technical education institutions in the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, according to the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Corneliu Popovici, “MECC will continue the policy of openness towards the interests of the economic environment, for which qualified staff is being trained. At the same time, students from IPT will be provided with quality vocational training for successful professional integration in the work field.”

In this context, the head of the Resource Management Department of the Technical University of Moldova, Daniela Pojar, CEDA expert, delegated at the request of the MECC to disseminate the best practices of the UTM in the field of financial autonomy implementation, communicated about the financial-economic activity and the management system of the institutions of vocational-technical education in the process of transition to the regime of financial-economic self-management.

The agenda of the event includes various talks on the subject, such as: Financial-economic self-management of technical vocational education institutions; IIPT’s ability to plan and implement entrepreneurial activities from the perspective of economic financial self-management; Strengthening the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurial skills, etc., but also 5 practical workshops: Integrating graduates from technical vocational education in the field of work and maintaining them in the workplace; Centers of excellence: A new stage in development – Continuous training programs (spheres, quality, regulations); Entrepreneurial activities – the main challenges and solutions; Switching to financial-economic self-management – analyzing the current situation and the opportunities for the future. Financing formula, optimization possibilities and Ensuring synergy between projects in the field of technical vocational education.

The event takes place on November 21-22, at the Republic Palace, Chișinău.

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