Every year, in the last month of autumn, Brașov hosts the Etnovember Festival. The current edition, the 22nd, took place between November 16-18, in its usual location, namely the “Transilvania” University Auditorium, Bastionul Ţesătorilor, the Faculty of Letters of the “Transylvania” University, the Multicultural Center of the “Transylvania” University.

The festival started in the auditorium of “Transilvania” University of Brașov, with the exhibition of 28 works of students within the schools of architecture, object design, applied arts in Romania and EU countries. The organizer of this famous festival-exhibition was the Faculty of Wood Engineering, represented by Mrs. Marina Cionca and a wonderful team of teachers and students, wearing yellow-phosphorescent scarves, with the support of the University of Transylvania and Brașov City Hall. One of the faithful partners of the event was, one more, the Technical University of Moldova.

UTM was represented by a team of students from the Department of Industrial and Product Design, led by the head of the department, lect. Valeriu Podborschi. The students presented their year projects, including the industrial models manufactured at the FabLab Chișinău after the projects of the students of the first year.

Part of the festival was dedicated to appreciating the results of the summer camp in Brașov, where the students from Industrial Design crafted some design objects in the traditional Romanian style.

Those eager had the opportunity to meet renowned personalities of the arts: great plastic artists, top Romanian designers, European specialists in resuming the meaning and importance of the old artisan techniques, professional photographersș but also to participate in design exhibitions, fine arts and visual arts, concerts, workshops, a flame show, as well as the traditional poetry marathon at the Faculty of Letters – an edition that the organizers consider to be one of the best bidders to date. The surprise of the Festival was the exhibition “Brașov 3M” with the presentation of three models of Brașov, representing three eras of the city, starting from the medieval period to the working quarters of the “golden age”, offering the public an augmented experience with the help of videomapping.

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