“Moldova Cyber ​​Week: Regional Cyber ​​Security Forum” had, among its speakers, the president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Ion TIGHINEANU, academician, doctor in physics, university professor, who, since 2001, is the head of an important segment of the Technical University of Moldova – the National Center for the Study and Testing of Materials.

He had an outstanding presentation “Bio – Inspired Nanotechnology”, a topic of major importance for research and development, but also for the field of CyberSecurity.

Before proceeding to the presentation, acad. Ion TIGHINEANU mentioned that the 2004 Nobel Prize Laureate, physicist Frank WILCZEK, drew attention to the fact that modern science and technology have the ability to change the world for better or worse. “Here, cyber security shows us that we must make consolidated efforts for modern technologies to change the world for the better”, the academic noted, pointing out that the purpose of the presentation is to show the valuable research which is being done in Moldova.

“A second aspect that I would like to demonstrate is that nature has developed many technologies, including nanotechnologies, over millions of years. Our goal is to discover and use them”, said Mr Tighineanu.

In his presentation, the president of AȘM described the process of elaboration of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials inspired by nature, including some nanomaterials intended for the protection against electromagnetic radiation.

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