The Technical University of Moldova displays a rich stand of over 50 exhibits – devices, installations, innovative projects, including electrically operated hand prosthesis, intelligent system for sorting waste, installation for drying fruits and vegetables, 3D printer, within The International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT”, inaugurated today in the Central Pavilion of the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo”.

Present at the exhibition, Yoshiyuki Takagi, assistant to the director, Global Infrastructure Sector, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), showed gratitude for the invitation to this important event for the Republic of Moldova and encouraged the participants to continue to come up with lots of innovative solutions and technologies to increase productivity and quality of life.

A greeting message was also delivered by Prof., Dr Mircea Bernic, member of the Organizing Committee, the Expert Commission and the Exhibition Jury, Vice-Rector for Research and Doctorate at the Technical University of Moldova, noting that the Republic of Moldova has a great research and innovation potential, which allows the creation of valuable products for the benefit of the whole society. The inauguration festival was attended by representatives of central public authorities, international and national organizations in the field of intellectual property, research and higher education institutions, inventors, researchers and creative young people.

Approximately 80 institutions and companies, young creators and inventors from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Poland, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, etc., came at the exhibition stands with more than 450 inventions, products / innovative and creative services, technology transfer projects, etc. The works of the participants are exhibited according to the 5 compartments: inventions, plant varieties and industrial design; innovative products and services; innovation and technology transfer projects; creation of young people and creative industries.

At its 16th edition, the Exhibition will continue until November 23rd, organized by the State Agency for Intellectual Property and the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo” SA, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the National Agency for Research and Development. An additional program of events will be held within the exhibition, including conferences, seminars, workshops.

List of exhibits presented by the representatives of the Technical University of Moldova:

SECTION B. Industrial materials, equipment and technologies, mechanics, energy, electricity, electronics

Wind turbine with vertical shaft (authors: Ion Bostan, Viorel Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru, Marin Guţu, Oleg Ciobanu, Radu Ciobanu, Vitalie Gladîș, Maxim Vaculenco, Alexandru Toacă);

Wind turbine with horizontal shaft (variants) (Ion Bostan, Viorel Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru, Marin Guţu, Oleg Ciobanu, Radu Ciobanu, Valeriu Odainâi, Vitalie Gladîș);

Photovoltaic installation type “Sunflower” (Ion Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru, Oleg Ciobanu, Radu Ciobanu – MD; Cătălin Dumitrescu, Liliana Dumitrescu – RO);

Intelligent system for cleaning photovoltaic panels (Ion Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru – MD; Cătălin Dumitrescu, Corneliu Cristescu, Marian Blejan, Liliana Dumitrescu – RO);

Diamond vibronetization installations of the inner and outer surfaces of cylindrical parts (Radu Ciobanu, Oleg Ciobanu, Alexei Botez, Iulian Malcoci, Nicolae Trifan, Ion Dicusară);

Drying installation for fruits and vegetables (M. Bernic, N. Ţislinscaia, M. Balan, V. Vișanu, M. Melenciuc);

Device and method for measuring the resistance of the sensor based on nanostructured semiconductor oxides in the range of microwatts (Valeri Verjbiţki, Oleg Lupan, Serghei Railean);

Device for measuring the parameters of the sensor based on nanostructured semiconductor oxides in the range of microwatts (Valeri Verjbiţki, Oleg Lupan, Serghei Railean);

Process for obtaining the CuO-Fe2O3  nanowire network (Nicolai Ababii, Vasile Postica, Viorel Trofim, Oleg Lupan);

Wind turbine rotor blade with vertical shaft (Rodion Ciupercă, Ivan Rabei);

Solutions to increase the quality of service in multifunctional telecommunications networks by minimizing the number of control points and combating physical jitter (Dinu Țurcanu, Pavel Nistiriuc).

SECTION D. Agriculture, plant varieties, nutrition

Process for obtaining semi-finished products from minced sheep meat (Ion Scripcari, Irina Grumeza, Artur Macari, Angela Gudima, Ghenadie Coev);

Procedure of making functional cheese cream (Aliona Ghendov-Moşanu, Liliana Popescu, Rodica Sturza – MD; Ildiko Lung, Ocsana-Ileana Opriş, Maria-Loredana Soran – RO);

Refreshment and the process of obtaining it (Eleonora Dupouy, Viorica Bulgaru, Lidia Coșciug, Rodica Siminiuc, Liliana Popescu);

Yogurt with sprouted sorghum and the process of obtaining it (Liliana Popescu, Jorj Ciumac, Eleonora Dupouy, Viorica Bulgaru, Rodica Siminiuc).

SECTION E. Industrial design: textiles, housekeeping, furniture, office supplies, clothing, handicraft

Cultural clothing model metamorphosis (Arina Popov);

Design concept “Disassemblable Stool” (Arina Cazac, Valeriu Podborschi);

Design concept “Disassemblable rocker for children” (Valentina Chirstea, Valeriu Podborschi);

Design concept “Electric public transport” (Andrei Zbancă, Valeriu Podborschi);

Design concept “Electric truck” (Ion Zbancă, Valeriu Podborschi).

COMPARTMENT II. Research and innovation projects

Elaboration of surfaces with controlled degree of hydrophobicity due to nanomicrostructuring (Fiodor Braniște, Vitalie Cobzac, Vladimir Ciobanu, Irina Pleșco, Piotr Bodarev, Ion Pîslaru);

Functional products obtained by harnessing the natural agents of texture and carotenoids (Tatiana Capcanari, Cristina Popovici, Eugenia Covaliov, Violina Popovici, Oxana Radu, Adelina Popescu);

The effect of the functionalization with pd and pdo2 nanopunctions of CuO / Cu2O films for explosive and volatile gas sensors (Vasilii Creţu, Nicolai Ababii, Vasile Postica, Nicolae Magariu, Dan Toacă);

Computerized mathematical simulation of the phenomena of transfer in wet plant products under microwave treatment (Marin Guţu, Vitali Vișanu, Mihail Melenciuc, Mihail Balan, Ion Vișanu);

Investigation of thermoelectric and optical properties of nanostructured materials and molecular systems (Ionel Sanduleac, Silvia Andronic, Tatiana Oloinic, Alexandra Mîrzac);

Ме-ZnP2 diode sensitive to optical rotation (I. Stamov, N. Syrbu, A. Dorogan, L. Nemerenco).

COMPARTMENT III: Creation of young people

Electric prosthesis (Vladislav Kovalskii);

Multichannel device for measuring gas sensors (Anatolie Pocropivnîi);

Power Supplies (Andrei Mancenco);

Portable device for air quality monitoring (Adrian Bîrnaz);

Intelligent waste sorting system (Neonil Roşca, Iulian Lungu);

Display system based on the effect of “Persistence of vision” (Alexandru Halmagea);

Automatic system for monitoring the growth and watering of room plants (Nadejda Popovici);

Automated system of water supply from renewable sources (Ștefan Garabadjiu, Marcel Burduniuc);

Electronic traction equipment SDMC-103-03 of the electric bus (Vitalie Esanu, Alexandru Motroi, Ilie Nuca);

Disassemblable stool for children (Anastasia Hiora, Valeriu Podborschi);

Wind turbine with vertical shaft for blades research in the laboratory (Ivan Rabei);

Autonomous vacuum cleaner (Mircea Nicolăescu, Valeriu Podborschi);

Disassemblable armchair for children (Elena Țurea; Valeriu Podborschi);

Dress model DARK SUN (Ludmila Secher).

Compartment IV. Innovative products and services

Edition of a children’s engineering book integrated with augmented reality (Tatiana Baicev, Viorica Cazac);

Edition of a book promoting the national heritage of Moldova in motifs (Larisa Capbătut, Viorica Cazac);

Applying augmented reality in conceptualizing and visualizing interactive editions of promoting the urban architecture of Chișinău (Ana-Maria Cîrja, Viorica Cazac);

Tourist guide for the promotion of the Republic of Moldova in photographic sense (Ianoș Vrancean, Viorica Cazac);

Process for obtaining the mixture of spreadable fats based on sweet cream (Oxana Radu, Liliana Popescu, Pavel Tatarov, Alexei Baerle);

Smart clothes for children (Victoria Danila, Antonela Curteza, Stela Balan, Marcel Vârlan);

High efficiency led lamp and high performance characteristics (V. Secrieru, E. Munteanu, A. Dorogan, D. Podgornii, D. Gorgan).

COMPARTMENT V: Creative industries

C-solid, stand for wine bottles (Elena Eftodi, Mihai Stamati);

Wine glass stopper (Anastasia Costov, Mihai Stamati);

Intelligent school agendas for the Z generation (Lorina Neaga, Viorica Cazac);

Edition of cognitive-interactive book for children with dynamic interactive elements (Ilinca Strilciuc, Viorica Cazac);

Folk style footwear and handbags collection (Nadejda Munteanu, Mariana Protopop, Marina Malcoci);

The creative and original mărțișor (Marina Malcoci).

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