The day before the opening of the 7th Regional Cyber ​​Security Forum “Moldova Cyber ​​Week”, the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, spoke in the show “Obiectiv comun” (Common Objective), broadcast by TVR Moldova, which aimed to address the topic of involving the public-private sector and the academic environment in combating cybercrime.

Referring to the spectacular development that the Information Technologies and the ICT sector in general have undergone in the last 10 years, the rector Viorel BOSTAN mentioned that the opportunities offered by this development have penetrated deeply into the daily activity of people of all countries, all sectors, all fields of activity, of all ages. In addition to the opportunities offered by these technologies, by this digital development or revolution, there are also dangers, threats. Nowadays, Cyber ​​Security is an area as important as, for example, health or food security. How can we handle cyber incidents and implement good international practices in the field to cope with the transition from cyber security to cyber immunity?

For companies in the information field, cyber security is an element of maximum importance. We are talking particularly about companies that develop services and products for combating and protecting cyber incidents. There have already been hundreds of thousands of attacks per day in a single country, so if we speak globally, as I said, Cyber ​​Security is a threat that governments, the business environment, universities and individuals have to face and pay particular attention to. Anticipating and securing data could reduce risks and dangers, experts say. In order to secure the services of the information companies, the Republic of Moldova has adopted several laws in this regard.

The government, the business environment, universities and research centers will coordinate their efforts in order to solve the cyber attack issues and incidents. It is encouraging that today there is a platform for communication and collaboration in the field of cyber security and between the government structures of the Republic of Moldova, also between the Technical University of Moldova and the interested companies.

Also, the authorities, the private sector and the academic environment cooperate with specialists from different countries to increase their cyber defense and reaction capacity. Cyber ​​diplomacy is provided by events and forums, including Moldova Cyber ​​Week, whereby the organizers aim to bring to the attention of companies and the general public the need to implement cyber security solutions.

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