From November 11th to 16th, 2019, the classrooms and laboratories of the Food Technology Faculty opened their doors to perfect new wine tasting experts. After an experience with specialists from Belarus and China, this time interest has been shown from a team of 6 specialists from Romania, officials of the Faculty of Food and Tourism of the University of Transylvania, Braşov.

– It was a great honor for us to have six formidable specialists in the field of winemaking from over the Prut, who maintain their connection with the university department, sharing the secrets of winemaking to diligent students, said prof., dr. Anatol BĂLĂNUȚĂ. The 75 hours of study provided in the course syllabus often exceeded the strict lecture format, turning into a dialogue from specialist to specialist, from teacher to teacher, and the time passes fast.

Prof. Vasile PĂDUREANU is not a new visitor to the University, saying that, while coming back to the faculty after years, he encountered a number of surprises, one of which was the modern tasting room – a professional laboratory, with appropriate equipment for presentation and tasting of beverages. He will seek to arouse the interest of his students for knowing about the tradition in the Republic of Moldova. He teaches a vinification course for undergraduate students, and one for presentation and tasting of beverages for the Master’s students.

Eng. D. Mirabela Ioana LUPU will be sharing her experience with the students of Food Analysis (undergraduate) and those of Modern Food Control Systems (Master’s). Dr. Eng. Cristina Maria CANJA delivers a course on General Technologies in the Food Industry, within which she also addresses the subject of alcoholic beverages, particularly wine. Therefore, she considers that visiting FTA is incredibly useful for her, especially for conveying the sensory analysis part to her students.

Eng. D. Alina MAIER, conducted, in February this year, a scientific internship in the Sensory Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Oenology and Chemistry. The part of sensory analysis which she studied here will complete an important chapter in her doctoral thesis, which she is currently working on. Under the guidance of UTB professor Vasile PĂDUREANU – a great wine specialist, she focuses her research on the optimization of technology with the help of ultrasonic treatment of wine. Mrs Maier chose to continue her research here, knowing that the University has ultra-high-performance spectrometers, with which, at different wavelengths, different components can be read, in this case – of the red wines, but also of the stum, the grapes, offering possibilities to investigate the mechanisms of formation of the different groups of substances, which influence the final quality of the wine – substances that improve the quality, enrich it, give aromas and consistency to the wine. 

Dr. Eng. Adrian MĂZĂREL, associate professor within the same faculty of UTB, teaches Tourism, Agrotourism, but also Food Merchandise, Culinary Art and International Gastronomy. He believes that this tasting course will help him to consolidate his basic knowledge in the field of alcoholic beverages – wines, sparkling wines and especially to know how to associate them with regard to culinary preparations.

The sixth member of the UTB team is Dr. Dorin Valter ENACHE, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Department of Veterinary Health and Food Safety (DSVSA), who teaches a topical course: Food Fraud.

The teachers from Brașov started with an introductory course on sensory analysis and on the methods that are applied during sensory analysis. They were informed about the whole range of flavors that can be found in wines and alcoholic beverages, they studied numerous types of wines in order to be able to distinguish the degree of sensitivity and discover from a multitude of wines which ones are the same. Further, they analysed each category: white wines, red wines, wines that are used on special occasions, but also in daily life, while visiting the famous wineries from Mileștii Mici, Cricova, Bardar, Ialoveni, but also the Quality Verification Center – an experience that has enriched them from a professional point of view.

The UTB teachers were impressed by the level of development of the wine tourism, an area in which they have to learn from their colleagues in Moldova, who, in their opinion, benefit from much more developed infrastructure. They are sincerely grateful for the professionalism and hospitality of the teachers they met during this course: prof., Dr. Anatol BĂLĂNUȚĂ, Dr. Grigore MUSTEAȚĂ, Dr. Rodica STURZA, Elizaveta BREAHNĂ, winemaking expert of the National Office of Vine and Wine, but also the FTA dean, Dr. Veaceslav REȘITCA, and Dr. Valentin AMARIEI, Head of the Continuous Training Center, UTM

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