The involvement of the employees of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy within the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre, Vadim ȚURCAN and Evgheni CUTIA, in the international project “Implementation of Eurocodes in the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the Development Agency of the Czech Republic, the Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova, continued through their participation at the seminar “Implementation and application of Eurocodes in the Republic of Moldova”, held on November 13th, 2019.

The seminar was a good opportunity to carry out an efficient exchange of opinions and experience with important personalities in the field, such as Svetlana DOGOTARU, State Secretary, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure; Jana MARKOVA, Technical University of Prague; Eugenia ROMAN, Institute of Standardization of Moldova; Lubomir KLEIM, director of the Prague Institute for Construction Research; Ivan PRACHAR, seismic risk expert, Czech Republic; Klára POPANDICOVA and Jindra KAFKOVÁ, Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Czech Republic.

During the seminar, our representatives presented their views on the implementation in our country of certain Eurocodes, addressing various aspects of them. In the presentation “Application of Eurocode 1 in the Republic of Moldova”, Eng. D. Vadim ȚURCAN stressed the need to adopt and implement European standards in the field of construction, emphasizing the assurance of a higher level of reliability in the European norms, than in the national norms.

In turn, Eng. D. Evgheni CUTIA referred to the “Application of Eurocode 8 in the Republic of Moldova”, presenting the design principles for seismic actions according to Eurocode 8 and the roadmap for the elaboration of the zoning map after the acceleration of the land of the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, the employees of the Civil Engineering and Geodesy Department within the FCGC-UTM participated in negotiations with representatives of the Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Czech Republic regarding the extension of the international project to complete the adoption of Eurocode 8: Design of earthquake resistant and Eurocode 7 structures: Geotechnical design.

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