Eugenia COVALIOV – Laureate of the “Boris Melnic” Academy Award

During the solemn meeting of the members of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and of the scientific community of the Republic of Moldova dedicated to the International Day of Science for Peace and Development, the president of the Academy of Sciences, academ. Ion TIGHINEANU, delivered a congratulatory message to those who have devoted their entire lives to research, have made history in the scientific fields, created scientific schools, guided and raised highly qualified specialists who honor the scientific community and the whole country, and noted the main results obtained in the field of science and innovation.

In this context, during the award ceremony of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for distinguished results obtained in the field of life sciences, exact and engineering sciences, the ASM Award for young researchers “Boris Melnic” (in the field of life sciences, exact and engineering sciences) was handed to Eugenia COVALIOV, doctor in technical sciences at the Technical University of Moldova, Food Technology Faculty, Department of Food and Nutrition, for valuable scientific achievements obtained in 2018, including the series of over 20 scientific papers with the common theme “Biochemical and technological modifications of nuts during processing and storing”, which reproduce a valuable interdisciplinary scientific research, bordering on the technology and biochemistry of food products.

Among the most relevant results obtained by the young researcher is the multispectral analysis of the biochemical changes of walnuts during preservation and after technological treatments; humidity sorption processes in relatively small quantities that predominantly influence the oxidation reactions of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the texture of the walnut core; elaboration and optimization of the procedures for peeling the pericarp and whitening of the nutshells; but also a number of technological developments aimed to process the walnut core and obtain new products, such as oil / water emulsions.

Sincere congratulations to our young researcher Eugenia COVALIOV for the important and honorable title of Laureate of the “Boris Melnic” Academy Award! We proudly wish her  to continue with courage and selflessness in the field of science and innovation!

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