Amer LEAIT, Dorel CORLĂTEANU, Adriana CUJBA, Iana GHELAN, Victor GUȘANU, Crina HÎRJĂU, Tatiana MATEI, Damian OBOROC, Marian PETRAȘ, Valeria STOICA, students of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, spent their weekend creatively and productively – they accepted the challenge of painting the underground passage on the Negruzzi Boulevard of the capital.

Previously restored by the workers, the underground walls were waiting for a splash of color and light. The future architects set out to paint them in a “zebra” pattern, adding bright and cheerful elements to the lane – an umbrella, a sun, stars, but also silhouettes of people.

The effort of the FUA students is part of the actions taken within the “Zebra” project, a zebra that saves lives of older and younger pedestrians by helping them to cross the street safely, without danger.

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