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FTP: Public Lecture on comfort in the Body-Clothing-Environment System

In the context of the beautiful collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iași, Romania, the Faculty of Textile and Polygraphy of UTM hosted a public lecture delivered by dr. Daniela Fărîmă, with the topic “The importance of comfort of clothing in the body – clothing – environment system”.

Students of the TDCT-171, TDCT-181 academic groups following the program “Technology and Design of textile garments” (TDCT) were curious to find out how comfort can be defined in the body- clothing – environment system and which would be the areas of Smart Specialisation in which such a kind of comfort find its applicability?

Also having a thesis on the topic “Contributions to the research of comfort in the body-clothing-environment system”, held in 2017 at the Faculty of Textile-Leather and Industrial Management of the University “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iași, Mrs. Daniela FĂRÎMĂ, spoke to students about the field of clothing comfort research, which will always be a topical one and will evolve continuously as the society develops.

All approaches taken for the research of clothing comfort have the goal to contribute through the obtained results and their applicability to increasing the quality of human life. The results of the research of clothing comfort applied in the industry lead to the increase of the competitiveness in clothing products on the market and, at the same time, support the Smart Specialisation process by approaching areas such as the medical one (compression knits and non-woven textile materials for medical use) or that of eco-textiles, such as the knitwear of bamboo yarn (eco textiles). Also, another area of Smart Specialisation is considered the information technology one, by creating software applications in the objective analysis of thermophysiological comfort. At European level, one of the major trends identified is the implementation and expansion of textiles as possible materials to be used in many industrial sectors, as well as in new fields of application.

The public lecture ended with heated debates, in which the students expressed their opinion on the topics addressed, showing themselves involved and interested.

Subsequently, during the meeting with the dean of FTP, dr. Valentina BULGARU, and the head of the Department of Textiles and Leather Products Design and Technology, dr. Marcela IROVAN, responsible for the scientific activity within FTP, the directions within the collaboration in the field of didactic and scientific activity were established with the Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iași, Romania.

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