UTM’s new partner in Gagauzia – Svetlîi Agricultural Technical College

At the 5th International Investment Forum “Invest Găgăuzia 2019”, which started today in Comrat, the Technical University of Moldova undertakes the mission of informing the general public, including students of institutions of vocational-technical education, the importance and fascination of the engineering profession, as one with major influence on the development of human capital, the economy of the country and, implicitly, of the economy of Gagauzia.

In this context, UTM, represented by the head of the Career Guidance Center (CEGHID), Radu MELNIC, and of the deputy chief, Natalia ȘESTENCO, signed with the director of the Agricultural Technical College of Svetlîi (Comrat district, Svetlîi comm.), Vasile BELEV, a mutually advantageous collaboration agreement between the two institutions. The partnership provides for a wide range of activities in the educational segment, the vocational guidance of the college graduates in the study programs within UTM, the granting of scientific-advisory assistance and the promotion of the development of the young people’s performances in the engineering field.

The collaboration agreement stipulates the coordination of the study programs of the two institutions based on the common specialties, college students visiting the faculties and centers of excellence of UTM, participation in master-classes next to the students of UTM, vocational guidance actions and dissemination of UTM educational offer; also continuous training activities for the teachers of the colleges within the Center of Continuous Training of UTM, as well as many other activities in order to promote education in engineering among young people.

Meanwhile, the head of CEGHID, Radu MELNIC, wanted to pass on a message of appreciation form the UTM administration to the more than 70 students of UTM who participated today in the International Investment Forum “Invest Găgăuzia 2019”:

– We appreciate and support your enthusiasm, perseverance and effort to spread the spirit and importance of engineering professions among the Gagauz youth. You are the true exponents of the profession you have chosen and we are fully confident that, as engineers, you will know how to create a safe and prosperous future for this country!

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