The International Investment Forum “INVEST GAGAUZIA – 2019”

Today, in Comrat, the 5th edition of the International Investment Forum “INVEST GAGAUZIA – 2019” was started.

In the plenary session moderated by Ana CHIRIȚA, Strategic Projects Director, ATIC, Dinu ȚURCANU, Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, informed the public that, starting with 2018, the Technical University of Moldova, represented by the rector Viorel BOSTAN, signs an important memorandum annually with the governor of Gagauzia, Irina VLAH, based on which the Gagauz authorities fully cover the tuition fee for the young Gagauzians who choose to continue their studies at a faculty within the UTM. The document comes to emphasize year by year the importance of engineering professions to the authorities of the region, these being of major influence on the development of human capital, the economy of the country and, implicitly, of the economy of Gagauzia.

The other speakers talked about the development of human capital and its role in the economy, mentioning its importance in the progress of the country: Iurie Cristea, head of the office of the Minister of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, Olesya TANASOGLO, deputy governor of UTA Găgăuzia , Serghei ZAHARIA, rector of Comrat State University; Selda ÖZDENOĞLU, coordinator of the Turkish Agency for Collaboration and Coordination (TIKA) in the Republic of Moldova and Marina BZOVÎI, executive director of ATIC.

The international investment forum “Invest Gagauzia 360” aims to make a significant contribution to the implementation and support of innovative projects in the economic sector of the area, having a positive impact on the investment status of the region, but also of the Republic of Moldova as a whole.

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