The National eTwinning Plus Assistance Office Moldova – Technical University of Moldova inform you about the handing out of the eTwinning National Certificates to the teachers who participated together with students in the eTwinning educational projects.

MECC_Information letter_ National Quality Certificates eTwinning

The eTwinning educational projects were evaluated in the first session: June 16-30, 2019 and in the second session: September 01-30, 2019.

Quality certificates are forms of recognition of the work submitted by the teachers in an eTwinning project, for which the teacher submits an individual application and for which he receives a nominal certificate if the projects were carried out in accordance with the 6 quality standards: pedagogical innovation, curricular integration, communication and exchange of experience, collaboration between partner schools, use of information and communication technology and documented evidence regarding the tangible results and impact of the project on students, teachers and community.

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