Regarding the low rate of participation of teachers – members of the eTwinning community in the Survey of the assessment of the involvement of teachers from the Republic of Moldova in the eTwinning program (2019 Edition) held between June 17th and August 26th, 2019, the National eTwinning Plus Assistance Bureau Moldova-Technical University of Moldova relaunches the survey.

The survey to assess the involvement of teachers in the Republic of Moldova in the eTwinning program (2019 Edition) will be conducted online through the Google Form application, from November 3rd to December 31st, 2019.

Note! Only teachers who did NOT complete the form between June 17th and August 26th, 2019 are invited to complete this survey.

The National Assistance Office reports that currently 469 teachers from the Republic of Moldova are registered on the eTwinning platform, and 55 teachers participated in the survey conducted between June 17th – August 26th, 2019.

Survey on the degree of involvement of teachers in the Republic of Moldova in the eTwinning program (2019 Edition)

Involvement in the projects, activities and events organized within the eTwinning program is essential for the professional development of the teacher, as this leads to a higher quality educational approach, to the diversification of the traditional teaching framework with the latest trends and the formation of lifelong learning skills, an indispensable element of a qualified teacher. These changes in the individual plan of a teacher will have a long-term impact on the whole educational scheme with which the teacher has tangents. Thus, by involving the students in online educational projects, the teacher places the students in the center of the didactic approach, the students 

  •  they acquire an active and participatory role in their own learning process; 
  •  they become autonomous in learning;
  •  they acquire learning motivation;
  •  they develop skills that are directly related with the development of 21st century skills (cooperation and teamwork, communication, critical thinking and creativity). 

All this taking place in a friendly and open environment for networking and learning in which European values ​​and general human rights, democracy education and digital citizenship are promoted. By joining the eTwinning community, teachers gain access to: 

  • educational resources developed by 34 ministries of education in Europe, according to the latest discoveries in the field of education
  • human resources, other teachers in the eTwinning community who are an invaluable source of knowledge and skills that are transmitted through peer-to-peer education.

Moreover, eTwinning encourages the collaboration of teachers from the same institution, the creation of working teams coordinated by the administrative body of the institution, through the concept of “eTwinning School”, which is a premise of curricular integration at an institution level – a relatively new concept in the international educational world, but also a future trend in the modernization of the educational system.

The eTwinning Plus Moldova National Assistance Office aims to evaluate the involvement of the teachers of the Republic of Moldova in the program, in order to promote innovative teaching methods and quality education through educational partnerships with pre-university educational institutions in Europe and in the partner countries of the European Policy neighborhood.

Purpose of the survey: to identify the frequency, motive and difficulties of using the tools and opportunities offered by the eTwinning platform.

Target group: Teachers registered on the eTwinning platform

The opinion of the teachers participating in the eTwinning program is important for the successful implementation of the eTwinning program in the Republic of Moldova.

The results of this survey will help us to obtain valuable information about the frequency of using the platform for establishing educational partnerships, the relevance of eTwinning activities for improving the educational system as well as identifying the needs of eTwinners in the distribution of resources and providing assistance.

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