Mihaela LEAHU and Ion MANEA, students in the fourth year, and Tudor Vlas, third year student, all at the specialty of Architecture, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, benefited from an ERASMUS+ scholarship between March 4th and June 25th, 2019, during which they studied for 3 months at The Faculty of Architecture “G. M. Cantacuzino”, Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iaşi.

In Iași, they had a change of surroundings and the possibility of discovering a different approach on studies. The ERASMUS community in Iași includes students from different parts of the world: Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal. FUA students have had the opportunity to interact with this community in the numerous events for ERASMUS students, in order to facilitate the promotion and intercultural exchange.

Although the university program was quite intense, they did not miss the chance to travel. The students visited Cluj, Bucharest, Constanța and Alba Iulia, benefiting from free access to the rail transport on the Romanian territory.

Our Erasmus students claim they were delighted by the opportunity to profit from this prestigious scholarship and also encourage other colleagues to apply for the ERASMUS+ scholarship, which is an assurance for an unforgettable experience.

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