The Faculty of Food Technology has a new laboratory – bakery

Under the auspices of the Association MOLDOVA ACTIVĂ and of the company GREEN PROJECTS SRL, the Faculty of Food Technology, opened a new bakery laboratory. The establishment long-term collaboration with the new partners and the signing of the agreement took place within the Food Products Technology Department.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new bakery laboratory, the students also benefited from a master class of pizzas from Italy, offered by the Italian chef Giovanni MELLI, in the presence of a dear guest – Italy’s Ambassador in Chișinău, Valeria BIAGIOTTI. Mr Biagiotti emphasized on this occasion that pastry items have a special place in the culinary art of Moldova (cozonacs and pretzels being his favorite), which is why he considers that the opening of this laboratory will contribute to the thorough training of future pastry chefs. With reference to the master-class, he mentioned that the exchange of experience, technologies and best practices between Moldova and Italy will only benefit both parties.

The rector of UTM, prof., dr. Viorel Bostan, stressed that from now on, the quality of the courses will improve:

– Today we are witnessing an important act of strengthening the technical-material resources of this faculty. This substantial donation of high-quality bakery-pastry equipment will allow us, first of all, to improve the quality of the courses offered to students.

The dean of FTA, prof., dr. Vladislav REȘITCA expressed words of gratitude to all those who contributed to the opening of the new bakery laboratory:

– The opening of this laboratory gives the students the opportunity to practice the preparation of different bakery items, which, until now, they have learned more from a theoretical point of view. We sincerely thank the managers of the partner companies “Moldova Activă” and “Green Projects” SRL, to Mr. LANTHALER and Claudio Li CALZI, but also to the master Giovanni MELLI, for their involvement and generosity! Special thanks also to Valeriu ANISCHEVICI, whose help is always indispensable!

And prof., dr. Artur MACARI, head of the Food Technology Department, was pleased with the vast amount of training possibilities offered by the new laboratory:

– The Italians are important consumers of flour, dough, pastry – pizza or pasta from Italy being known worldwide, including in the Republic of Moldova. With the opening of this laboratory, having also Italian teachers from which the students will learn to prepare the best bakery products according to the original technology, the products manufactured in the course “Food Technology” will have the aroma and fine taste of Italy!

While enjoying the delicious pizza prepared in front of them by the famous Italian chef Giovanni MELLI, the students learned the lesson perfectly: to make a tasty pizza you need mastery, but also a lot of passion. The secret lies in the attitude, especially when it comes to pastry!

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