„Other’s Architecture. Young people with thoughts for the world”

The end of October delights us with a new editorial appearance – the volume “Other’s Architecture. Young people with thoughts for the world”, launched at the MUST Iași Festival, in Cărturești Palas Mall, Romania. It includes a selection of 58 texts, the best of the ones received during the last 4 years of conducting the largest contest of critical and theoretical discourse for young people, having the same theme as the volume to which we refer (https://arhitecturaceluilalt.ro/).

The young architect trained at UTM, Claudia IOVIȚĂ, a student at the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, through her essay “My ruins. Your windows”, revealed a new vision on architecture. This piece made the best impression on the jury led by the arch. Ioan ANDREESCU, Timișoara: Vintilă MIHĂILESCU, Françoise PAMFIL, Dana VAIS, Anca Sandu TOMAȘEVSCHI, Ioan ANDREESCU, Dorin ȘTEFAN, Vlad GAIVORONSCHI, Florin LAZARESCU – who thanked the participants: “[…] We have built a platform through which other people like us can express themselves without limits; a framework where you can meet your thoughts and wipe the steam off the glasses that see the world. A framework through which we can join our visions, try to understand what we want from our journey “in / within” architecture, from ourselves, from others. With this material-immaterial we can begin to build ourselves. Thank you for participating!” – a message of gratitude, proof that the talented younger architects can gain understanding and support from their teachers.

Currently Claudia IOVIȚĂ, a recent FUA-UTM graduate, is continuing her studies at Lund University, Sweden, where she is pursuing her Master’s degree in the specialization “Human Shelter / Urban Space”. However, she’s maintaining a close connection with Alma Mater, her teacher, prof., dr. Aurelia CARPOV, head of the Department of Architecture, writing, on this occasion, a message through FB: “This unexpected victory (for the organizers) has aroused a special interest of young Bessarabian architects for writings about Architecture. Thank you, Claudia, for bringing us fame across the country and we want you to return home with knowledge and experience to share with the young generation at UTM. Good luck!”. The answer was not late: “I am glad to know that everything that happens is not in vain, but serves as an inspiration for others. I also thank Aurelia Carpov for her support and coordination during my studies for my degree. This is how I managed to develop and follow my path.

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