FCIM disciples: solutions for traffic decongestion in Chișinău

Urban Mobility Hackathon brought together 100 young people from civil society, IT professionals and enthusiasts of modern urbanism, who set out to develop, within 48 hours, innovative solutions to remodel the Chișinău public transport network, for a smart city, focused on the needs of the citizens.

The 20 teams formed, up to five people each, were to solve one or more urban mobility problems in Chișinău, using the georeferenced data layers provided, and to create an algorithm for analyzing and using the data in the case studies proposed by the organizers.

There were proposed 17 solutions, among which the transfer of transport stations to the outskirts of the city; transshipment nodes; dedicated public transport lines; express transport units between sectors; flexible schedule of trolleybus / bus routes, depending on the actual population density; restricting private transport on certain priority segments for public transport during peak hours; mechanisms for digital detection of road segments with traffic jams; mobile application for accumulating loyalty points when using public transport, etc.

We are proud to note that one of the three ideas nominated by the jury of experts from the United Nations Development Program, Orange Systems, the Technical University of Moldova and the European Space Agency / Geovi, belongs to the team made up exclusively of disciples of the faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics: Luca and Vasile Schidu, Grigore Mardari, Pavel Novac, Dragoș Lupei. The team presented a long-term solution for a non-congestive Chișinău – replacing the Central Bus Station with five hubs / transshipment nodes at the peripheries, one for each sector. According to this solution, interurban buses will no longer enter the city, as people will use public transport to travel within the city. This solution comes to decongest the region of existing stations and to develop a convenient public transport network for people. The data were analyzed for the Central Station region of Chișinău.

The proposed solution would solve the problem of traffic congestion in the center of the capital and reduce the flow of vehicles that cross the “heart” of the city. The team managed to rank second in the hackathon and hopes that the future management of Chișinău will take these suggestions into account and implement the proposed infrastructure changes.

“Urban Mobility Hackathon. Hack the traffic in Chișinău” is the result of an innovative partnership bringing together the United Nations Development Program, the European Space Agency, Orange Systems, the Ministry of Data, the Chișinău City Hall and the innovative laboratories of Green City Lab and Milab.

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