ECCO 2019

Leaders and specialists in the field of information technologies, scientists and engineers from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, France, who do fundamental and applied research and report the latest results and achievements in the fields related to ICT, met on October 24th, at Tekwill, to participate in the 10th edition of the International Conference on Microelectronics and Computer Science ECCO-2019 – “Electronics, Communications and Computing”.

The conference aimed to provide an opportunity for researchers, delegates and practitioners from academia and industry to interact and share their experience and knowledge in the application of technology to cope with the latest developments in related fields: electronics and robotics, software engineering and cyber security, micro and nanoelectronics, applied electronics and embedded systems, administration and maintenance, cryptography and confidentiality in computing and communications, networks and software for telecommunications, research and education for the knowledge-based society. Various topics in the area were addressed during three working days of the conference, in workshops divided into thematic sections: “Machine Learning and Applications”, “Interactive Multimedia”, “Computing”, “Electronics”, “Communications & Cyber ​​Security”, “Research and Education for Knowledge – based Society”, but also a special poster presentation section – “Poster Presentation”.

In the greetings delivered during the inaugural session, the host and the moderator of the meeting, PhD prof. Dumitru CIORBĂ, dean of FCIM; prof., dr. Serghei ANDRONIC, vice-rector of Studies, UTM; prof., dr. Victor ȘONTEA, head of the Department of Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering; prof., dr. Oleg LUPAN, head of the same department, the most recognized scientist in the world from Moldova; but also special guests – acad. Ion TIGHINEANU, president of the AȘM; prof. Dorin-Mircea POPOVICI, “Ovidius” University, Romania; Serghei POPOVICI, director of the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service, stressed that ECCO-2019 is a good opportunity for an authentic exchange of views between scientists and ICT engineers regarding the situation in this field in the Republic of Moldova, especially in the context of the explosive development of the Internet and the services offered through it.

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