Rodica MUSTEAȚĂ, director of the serial publication “Monitorul Fiscal” (Fiscal Monitor, a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, is proud of the studies done at UTM, emphasizing the unquestionable contribution of the teachers to her professional training, but also to her personality development.

During a visit to Alma Mater, she was surprised by the interest of the more than 60 FIEB students, accompanied by their teachers at the meeting, about the serial publication in which she holds the position of director. and was pleasantly surprised. Rodica was astonished when prof. and dr. Larisa BUGAIAN, vice-rector for Finance and International Relations, mentioned that UTM is a subscriber to the magazine “Monitorul fiscal”. “It is very important for students to be aware of the official position of the State Tax Service, its activity, plans and projects, the methods and mechanisms used in the process of fiscal administration, widely reflected in the serial publication it manages.”

While presenting the magazine, Rodica Musteață emphasized its importance and usefulness for the business environment. There are two different products: the printed magazine (in physical form) and the electronic magazine, each of which has its advantages. The main objective of the journal is to inform taxpayers about the position of the State Tax Service regarding the implementation of the tax legislation, with the purpose of systematizing the fiscal practice and its adjustments in accordance with the existing legislation. The magazine’s target audience are taxpayers, civil servants, tax experts, economic analysts, including accounting professors, students, other financial-economic specialists.

Rodica Musteață mentioned that she is proud to have graduated from FIEB-UTM – the Business and Administration degree program (gr.BA-061) and the Master’s Degree program AA120cr (gr. AA-092), evaluating the quality of the studies offered by UTM to be high level and thanking her former teachers.

The advantage of the studies offered by FEIB lies in the students’ theoretical and practical training, fortified by the expertise of the teaching staff. All the courses studied in the first and second cycle proved to be absolutely necessary for her training as a professional and manager, mentioning, particularly, the courses of managerial accounting, project management, quality management systems, the diagnosis of the economic-financial activity, etc.

Referring to the students, she stressed that an important moment in vocational training was the desire to work with well-defined target objectives and urged them to manifest their interest in studies even after university. In her opinion, personal development can only be ensured through lifelong learning, which is the key to success in the business environment.

Aware of the fact that the competences acquired at this faculty open up beautiful employment opportunities in the work field, she showed her willingness to receive students for internships within the “Monitorul Fiscal” with the subsequent hiring of the most active and responsible ones, as well as her openness to continue to work with UTM in various fields.

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