Eugen SUVAC, student of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, year III, specialty “Engineering and Protection of Water” (IPA-161) benefited from the opportunity to live the dream of Water Harmony in Norway, within the homonymous project developed and promoted by the University of Human Sciences from Norway, where he studied and lived for three weeks.

The first two weeks of the trip were spent in the city of Ås, where the Norwegian University of Natural Sciences (NMBU) is located, in which the courses were held. There he had the opportunity to work in modern laboratories and learn about innovative water treatment methods, visited a water treatment plant located in Lillestrom city, where he met students from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Canada, USA, Sri Lanka, Kenya and South Sudan.

Although the lectures were held 6 days a week, he did not miss the opportunity to travel around Norway, to Drobak and Oslo.

In the third week of his stay in Norway he passed the Arctic Circle on the island of Senja. There, teachers from Norway, Russia, China, the United States and Canada familiarized students with various methods of water supply as well as water purification in cold climates. To consolidate the result, trips were organized to three water purification stations. The students were divided into teams made up of representatives from different countries and the tasks were distributed to each. Eugen’s team, made up of students from Ukraine, Tajikistan, Norway, China and Switzerland, has developed a water supply and sewerage project for a traditional Norwegian cabin house.

Even though Norway has a very cold climate, it has not prevented him from enjoying the beauty of nature. Eugen sends sincere thanks to UTM and, in particular, to his teachers – Natalia CIOBANU, Ion IONEȚ, Dumitru UNGUREANU, Sergiu CALOS, Mihaela Anca CONTAȘEL, but also to the Norwegian teachers, among whom Harsha RATNAWEERA – for the opportunity of this beautiful international experience and acquaintance.

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