On October 10th, 2019, the students of the specialty “Constructions and Civil Engineering”, Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre, year IV, together with the university assistant, PhD Vadim ȚURCAN, Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, participated in the Practical Workshop on the use of automated information systems SCADA, REGAUAI, WUAGIS, organized by the Sustainable Development Fund.

Within the workshop, there was an organized trip to the centralized Irrigation System in Roșcani, Anenii Noi, modernized by the renovation of 2 pumping stations and the installation of 9 pumps, within the Compact Program.

At the stage II pumping station (SP 22 from SCI Roșcani), the students met the staff and showed a special interest in the working principle of the equipment of the water pumping and distribution station.

Located in an industrial hall constructed of concrete prefabricated materials, the pumping station is equipped with a slide bridge used to perform maintenance work within the station, especially in the periodic revision of electric motors operating water pumps. The pumps are placed in pairs, in three pumping groups, the nominal power of a pump being 110 /.

The station can be managed both manually and automatically, thanks to the computer command-control system SIA SCADA – a set of modern information systems, designed to track and collect data of industrial processes based on data gathered online, which can be used both. in the pumping station, and in other areas, such as the supply of drinking water and heat transfer in houses. Also, SIA SCADA can be used to automate production technology lines.

The students also benefited from a presentation of the WUAGIS information system, as well as the management and accounting system 1C. WUAGIS is an automated geospatial information system, which includes information on irrigated land, its surface, water consumption, general owner data and crop type. The management and accounting record system 1C within the station has been adapted to its specific needs.

Following this visit, the students noted that modern systems of monitoring and control of technological processes are being implemented in the Republic of Moldova, which is a crucial factor in the transition to a competitive economy.

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