The National Center for Space Technologies (CNTS) within UTM participated, on October 9th and 10th, 2019, in the experiment “Inter-MAI-75”, during which, from the International Space Station (ISS), type SSTV images were transmitted (slow scanner TV) (

Within the experiment, at the telemetric ground station of the CNTS in Chișinău, using the telemetry antennas, the radio reception equipment and the automatic antenna targeting system, the data emitted into the ether by the International Space Station were received. The received data were processed, decoded and, as a result of these processings, the images transmitted from the ISS were obtained.

The experiment aims to combine the efforts of educational universities and radio amateurs around the world to develop technologies and technical means, which ensure the communication of students with astronauts in the study and development of the ISS control process, as well as in developing different methods of transmitting the different types of information (textual, vocal and telemetry information, black and white and colored photographs and video images, etc.), obtained as a result of a scientific and educational experiment by using the communication facilities of the radio amateurs on board of ISS. The SSTV images in PD120 format were transmitted from the ISS on the carrier frequency of 145,800 MHz using the Kenwood TM-D710 transceiver.

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