The six best projects of the student-architects – Victoria LUNGU, Gheorghe CAVCA, Daniel GONCEARIUC, Victoria BARCARU, Ecaterina DIUVENJI and Dragomir MAISTRU, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, UTM, executed in the workshop “The City and its River” were exhibited as a preview of the International Conference “Chișinău Identities”, the 2019 edition, which will be held on October 24th and 25th.

It is a wonderful opportunity for students and their teachers to enjoy the results of their work within the project “Chișinău Identities” in collaboration with the organizers of the International Conference – The National Association of Young Historians of Moldova (ANTIM), the Civic  Group for Cultural Heritage (GCPC), in partnership with the Department of Culture of Chișinău and the Institute of Architecture. Thanks to the joint effort of all parties, the students, willing and prepared to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Bâc river bank, gave life in their projects to the new concept on the development of the Bâc river, within the city of Chișinău, jointly developed with ANTIM and GCPC.

In their work, the young architects have shown that they know how to adopt the practice of modern urbanism, based on the principle of placemaking, green architecture and the use of post-industrial urban spaces. Addressing the situation of the intra-urban area of ​​the Bâc River, the students set out to reinvent it as a first step to urban development, to restore the urban ecological housing and to promote urban development in an approach that would provide real investment prospects.

The student-architects also participated in a roundtable, during which the ideas and proposed urban solutions were discussed. The initiators of the project – the Civic Group for Cultural Heritage – awarded the best projects and encouraged the students to offer to the proposed ideas a logical continuity in their final bachelor projects.

The president of the Union of Architects, Iurie POVAR, gave a special prize to the project signed by the student Victoria LUNGU, thanking all the students for their involvement, and the teachers – Sorina-Nicoleta GRATI, Roman ZUBCO, Irina STUDZINSCHI – for the work done.

The exhibition will be open until October 25, 2019.

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