Professors of the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business participated, on October 4th, in the second edition of the international training Moldova Mentor’s Masterclass, organized by Garage48 and YEP Moldova, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Estonia and hosted by the Artcor Creative Industries Center.

The event is particularly dedicated to entrepreneurs and managers who want to improve their mentoring skills and manage effective teams, but also to teachers who understand the importance of the guidance process in developing the younger generation through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Together with a team of trainers from Estonia, led by Joao REI, a certified trainer, the head of digital innovation at the Idea Group in the Baltic Sea, having over a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing and in collaboration with startups and corporations, the participants studied topics related to team dynamics, the essence of team building, providing feedback, active listening, validating ideas, the role of a team mentor. At the same time, they worked with several case studies, examined the tools used by startups and participated in a workshop to validate ideas.

Given that The Mentor’s Masterclass is an activity carried out within the Entrepreneurial Culture Development Program, associate professor, PhD in economics Veaceslav BÂRDAN, head of the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing, considers that the participation of the FIEB teachers in this training will be very important to them in promoting the startup movement among the disciples interested in this field.

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