On September 25th, 2019, Mr. Marin Ciobanu, administrator of the Free Economic Zone in Bălți, together with the delegation from RWTH University of Aachen, Germany, comprising Dr. Bern Markert, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Helmut Dinder, general director, and Katia Trescher, project manager, Financing and International Education Projects, both from the International Academy of the University of Aachen, visited UTM.

The educational and research infrastructure of UTM were presented by the rector Viorel Bostan. The guests were surprised by the environment of the university, and also by the results achieved by UTM in recent years. Of particular interest was the participation of UTM in various international projects, such as TEMPUS, Erasmus+, H2020, etc. During the meeting, the opportunities for cooperation in the academic and research fields common to both universities were discussed. Mrs. Larisa Bugaian, vice-rector for Financial Issues and International Relations, and Rodion Ciupercă, head of Mechanical Engineering, also participated in the discussions.

The guests presented the University they come from, noting that Aachen University is the largest technology university in Germany and the most important economic factor of the city. RWTH Aachen has a long history of cooperation with the national and international academic and industrial environment, with research centers, thus effectively contributing to the success and development of the german economy.

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