From the first edition of 2011 to the fourth edition of the current year, the International Conference in the fields of Nanotechnology and Biomedical Engineering has expanded its number of participants to 200 and the geographical area they represent – to 20 countries around the world – Germany, France, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Japan, USA, but also the number and topics of the papers presented – 180 reports and in-depth studies in congruent fields: nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, bionanotechnologies and biomaterials, clinical engineering , biosensors and medical tools, tissue engineering, etc.

ICNBME is the only conference in the given field in the Republic of Moldova. The papers presented within it are indexed in the largest scientific database – SCOPUS and edited by the world’s largest publishing house in the field of science – SPRINGER. The papers presented in the previous edition and published on the conference site were accessed by over 200 thousand users, thus entering the top 25 of the most requested scientific publications, by SPRINGER. This ensures a global visibility of the reported scientific results.

This success could not be overlooked and at this year’s edition of the conference the owners of the prestigious scientific publishing company SPRINGER came with the initiative to organize within ICNBME an exhibition of scientific books from their valuable databases. There are over 30 book titles that address know-how topics in the areas of interest of the conference: Digital Medicine, Nanoscale Biophysics of the Cell; Biomechanics: Trends in Modeling and Simulative; Soft Robotics: Trends, Applications and Challenges; Including Robotics for a Better Society; 3D Printing and Biofabrication; Computational Neuroscience; Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation; Concepts in Bioscience Engineering etc.

Expressing her admiration for the success of organizing a conference of such international amplitude, Mrs. Sabine GUTFLEISCH, Engineering Editorial at SPRINGER, who accompanied this valuable exhibition of scientific books in Chișinău, delivered the decision of the publishing house management to donate this collection of studies and textbooks to the Technical University of Moldova, the value of which is estimated at approximately 3 thousand euros.

In their turn, the organizers of the ICNBME, prof. Victor ȘONTEA, head of the Department of Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering, FCIM-UTM, and academ. Ion TUGHINEANU, president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, expressed sincere thanks for this impressive gesture.

The Technical University of Moldova subscribes to the valuable Springer databases, making about 2000 scientific journals and 10 collections of specialized books in their electronic format (about 6000 titles) available to the university community.

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