This year, for the second one consecutively, at Tekwill, the International Programmers’ Day took place, initiated by the dedication of one of the biggest supporters of the IT field within UTM – rector prof. Viorel BOSTAN, who inspires and motivates new generations of programmers and prepares passionate specialists for today’s most vibrant sector of activity. 

September 13th, the 256th day of the year, was not chosen by chance to mark this event – the number 256 represents an eight-bit byte, a value well known to programmers around the world.

The event started with enthusiastic messages from the hosts – the rector of UTM Viorel BOSTAN and the vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU, who thanked FAF and FCIM for their involvement, but also the partners, thanks to whom this event is successfully pursuing its second year – Ellation and Amdaris – the two largest companies on the IT market, but also EFES Vitanta, Vinăria din Vale and MicoCatering.

The main parts of the event, Tech Open Mic and Networking Session & Live music, have shaped, in a particular way, the new format of Programmers’ Day.

The room was rattling with applause for the motivational speeches of the 14 speakers – Ilie Dercaci, Director (company) at Professional Trainer; Eugeniu Gavrev, Head of IT Department, Orange Systems; Alexei Panin, Pentalog; Anton Perkin, Co-founder of Generator Hub and Co-Founder/CEO at FusionWorks; Mariana Gurghis, General Manager at Amarela; Ernest Bitca, Associate Software Engineer at Amdaris; Michelle von Ilöw; Veaceslav Iachim, Developer (software) at Amdaris; Scutelnic Vladimir, Owner and Founder of the Endower Academy; Alexandru Lebedev, CEO & Founder at diez; Alex Burlacu, Machine Learning Engineer at DevelopmentAid; Maxim Bîrcu, Android Developer at Ellation Moldova; Eugen Papuc, Senior Applications Management Engineer at Endava.

IT professionals, talented students and representatives of the largest companies in the Moldovan IT market – Ellation, Amdaris, Endava, FusionWorks, Mixbook, Orange Systems, Pentalog went on stage, under the uninterrupted applause of the audience, to familiarize the public with the modern technologies and the latest innovations on the market from the perspective of their own experiences and thus, to continue to support the IT spirit in the Republic of Moldova.

The atmosphere was filled with good music provided by a newly formed alternative rock band – Delta pe Obraz, which performed under the acclamations of a very energetic audience.

Опубликовано Dinu Turcanu Пятница, 13 сентября 2019 г.

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