Over 200 engineers, developers, professionals in the field of cyber security have set out to improve their resources and professional qualities in information security at the first edition of the Security Espresso Moldova conference, which was held today at the Center of Excellence in ICT, Tekwill.

In their inaugural messages, the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., dr. Viorel Bostan, and the director of the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service, Serghei Popovici, stressed the importance of creating a secure cyber ecosystem in the Republic of Moldova.

“The Internet infrastructure is very dynamic and complex. The Internet has changed the world and has changed each one of us, the way we communicate, learn, work, save information, etc. However, we didn’t learn how to safely surf the Internet, how to protect our personal data and the data of the institution in which we operate. One of the core tasks of the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service is to promote and strengthen the cyber security culture. Our responsibility involves, first of all, a faster reaction rate and the adaptation to the new challenges in the cyberspace” said Serghei Popovici.

The participants of the event learned how to protect the interactions between the Android system and the applications installed on the phone, how to configure security through code, how to automate the configuration of the infrastructure so that it is secure, how to attack NFC technology that is used on access cards or in public transport and many other data related to cyber intelligence and Honeypot systems.

The founder of the Espresso Security Moldova community, Anatol Prisacaru, a programmer and researcher in computer security, proposed for the first edition of this conference a “Capture the Flag” type contest.

A number of intentionally vulnerable applications have been made available to the participants, which have to detect these vulnerabilities and exploit them to accumulate points. A space was also created in which the participants can show their creativity, ingenuity and professional skills without harming the real systems and without breaking the law.

The event was organized by the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service, in partnership with the Technical University of Moldova.

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