This Saturday, more than 200 specialists in the field of computer security meet in Chișinău to discuss cyber-attacks, trap devices and electronic card security. The Security Espresso community, together with the Technical University of Moldova and the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service organizes, on September 14th, the Security Espresso Moldova Conference.

More and more attacks target state-owned companies and institutions, but also the personal information of citizens. We are under unprecedented pressure to defend ourselves. Information about how to safely use the Internet and our devices is sometimes incomplete and insufficient. For this reason, the Security Espresso community organizes, for two consecutive years, meetings, conferences and workshops in which experts in the field talk about their work. The goal is simple: to bring programmers, IT professionals and people curious to find out information and practical ways to create a safer Internet experience.

Security Espresso Moldova Conference brings on stage professionals from different fields, who deal with topical issues:

  • Egor Bogomolov, Security Researcher at Wallarm: “Attacks on Android Activity & Intents”
  • Dan Demeter, Security Researcher at Kaspersky: “Honeypots as a Service”
  • Anatol Prisăcaru, founder of the Security Espresso community: “Hacking NFC”
  • Andrei Prescornic, Senior DevOps at CodeFactoryGroup: “Security as Code”
  • Andrei Rusnac, CTO at Data Protection Consulting: “Cyber ​​Intelligence”

For the competitive ones, the conference organizes a Capture the Flag competition, in which hackers compete to find and exploit vulnerabilities in software programs. For the smartest, the organizers have prepared prizes, which include HAK5 Bash Bunny devices, NFC readers, Alpha WiFi adapters, OpenWrt routers, but also books on security practices and vulnerability exploitation. In addition to these awards, the organizers of the Security Espresso Moldova Conference offer tickets to the largest security conference in Eastern Europe, DefCamp. It will take place in Bucharest, Romania, on November 7th and 8th.

The sponsors of Security Espresso Moldova Conference are CodeFactory and Kaspersky. Partners – InfoSec MD and

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