The students from the first and second years of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning started the new academic year with an exhibition of their own works of painting, color and design, painted in the hall of the Expo Hall of FUA-UTM.

Coordinated by the university lecturer of the Architecture Department, FUA, Mariana HADJI-BANDALAC, the exhibition has a suggestive generic: “A new message – a new vision”.

Svetlana OLEINIC, Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture, FUA:

– Life gets colorful when every day brings new discoveries, especially when it comes to people that surround us and their amazing abilities and talents. Our students don’t cease to amaze us with original works, from which their own vision and effort emerge, through the motivation and support they get from their teachers. It is a pleasure to be reminded that these appreciations are acknowledged daily by our disciples here, at the Architecture School of FUA! Thank you for your attitude, my dears! Good luck in the future!

Iurie CROITORU, CEO of “Acvaprof”:

– Wonderful works! Overflowing with attitude and maturity, you can’t even tell that they are only at the beginning of their journey. I understand how much work has been put in these works! Congratulations to these wonderful young people and to those who guide them!

Natalia COLOMOEŢ, founder of “Styling” SRL:

– Thank you for the joy of admiring these exceptional works, worthy of art galleries! Congratulations to the students and teachers!

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