5 reasons why you should come to Programmers’ Day

No plans for Friday evening, September 13th? FAF and the Technical University of Moldova invite ICT enthusiasts: students, programmers, designers, IT professionals and amateurs at “Programmers’ Day”. The second edition of the event comes with a new format and will be hosted by Tekwill.

On the 256th day of the year, spend the evening in the company of the people with whom you share the same passion! In case you are undecided, we suggest 5 reasons why you should write down this event in your agenda:

#1. The only event in Chișinău celebrating the Professional Day of Programmers.

The 256th day of each year is considered Programmer’s Day, usually on September 13th, the number 256 representing an eight-bit byte, a value well known to programmers around the world.

The event will take place at Tekwill, and admission is free.

#2. Informative speeches about modern technologies and the latest innovations on the market.

The first section of the event will be a Tech Open Mic, in which over 13 IT professionals will present interesting aspects and topics about technology, as well as successful personal experiences. You will have the opportunity to listen to the stories of different IT experts, talented programmers, founders of IT companies and ingenious students of the Technical University of Moldova. You will meet representatives of the largest IT companies, such as Amdaris, Ellation, Endava, Fusion Works, Orange, Pentalog and many more.

#3. The chance to communicate with specialists in the field, to create new relationships, but also to find answers to your questions.

The event will bring together more than 300 people passionate about technology, and the organizers promise the perfect atmosphere to interact and make new connections. Snacks, beer from EFES Vitanta and wine from Vinăria din Vale will complete the ambiance of the evening of September 13th.

#4. Live music with special guests, the band Delta pe Obraz

If you are a rock lover, we have good news. “Delta pe Obraz”, special guests at the event, is a newly formed alternative rock band in Moldova. The music and the lyrics belong to them. In the list of artists who have evolved on the same stage are Coma, Luna Amară, Fără zahăr, Gândul Mâței.

#5. Memorable AfterParty where we will rest our brain for night debugging.

The organizers are preparing a special surprise for everyone present at the event.

Keep up with all the details of the event here.

The event is supported by Ellation and Amdaris. The partners of the event are EFES Vitanta, Vinăria din Vale.

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