The project workshop on the modernization of the Bâc river bank – “The City and the River”, launched on January 28, 2019, has reached its final stage, emphasizing, on this occasion, that the modernization of the Bâc river, neglected and delayed for so long, is entirely possible.

The initiative to develop a plan for the territory of the Bâc river appeared due to the absence of a concept of sustainable development of Chișinău, which would respond to the demographic, economic and cultural parameters. The intention was to present a vision of what the future of Chișinău means, which can also be a model for the other localities of the Republic of Moldova.

Today, the students and professors of the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning are proud to watch the results of their work, which they owe deservedly to the collaboration with the organizers of the International Conference “Chișinău Identities” – National Association of Young Historians of Moldova (ANTIM) and Civic Group for Cultural Heritage (GCPC), but also to the partnership with the Culture Department of Chișinău and the Institute of Architecture. Thanks to the joint effort of all parties, the students, willing and prepared to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Bâc river bank, applied, through their projects, the new concept on the development of the Bâc river, within the city of Chișinău, jointly developed with ANTIM and GCPC.

The workshop was organized in several stages. The launch was followed by the In House work within the Department of Architecture, getting the tasks for the students’ course work finalized, determining the sectors of the territory of the Bâc river proposed for design and establishing the composition of the working groups on the projects consisting of students and consultant-supervisors. A period dedicated to the elaboration of the project planning of the areas of the territory of the Bâc river followed. The work on the projects was guided by the teachers of the Department of Architecture and the expert consultants from the Institute of Architecture.

The results of the “The City and the River” Workshop will be exhibited in October at the National Art Museum, on the eve of the International Conference “Chișinău Identities”, the 2019 edition, which will be held on October 24 and 25.

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