September 7, 2019 launches a new training cycle, initiated by the National Assistance Bureau eTwinning Moldova – Technical University of Moldova and focused on the initiation of new teachers registered in eTwinning in the second session of 2019.

Thus, with a practical applicative workshop, eTwinning was introduced by eTwinning ambassador Sergiu Jelihovschi, an English teacher at the “Meșterul Manole” high school, Sălcuța village, Căușeni district. The seminar was held at the Technical University of Moldova with 21 teachers from different regions of the Republic of Moldova.

The purpose of the seminar was to familiarize teachers with:

  • The eTwinning project concept
  • The professional development opportunities offered by the platform
  • eTwinning Live tools
  • The concept of online communication and its means of implementation on the eTwinning platform

The participants were trained through activities to practice and enhance their knowledge about the eTwinning Plus platform. They got to know the platform interaction tools, the networks of teachers and ambassadors, they joined the eTwinning interest groups, they trained and developed digital skills.

The National Assistance Office – The Technical University of Moldova is confident that such seminars will create favorable conditions for the involvement of teachers in eTwinning educational projects, in the context where eTwinning is a platform of teachers and for teachers. The Bureau takes responsibility to assist and facilitate this participation.

eTwinning is a key component of the European Commission’s eLearning program, launched in 2005, and eTwinning Plus, an extension of the eTwinning program to partner countries within the European Neighborhood Policy (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan and the Republic of Lebanon), in March 2013. Since 2014 eTwinning has been a part of Erasmus+, the EU’s Education, Training, Youth and Sport Program.

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