The Academy of Sciences of Moldova announces the start of the Competition for the awarding of the AȘM awards for the year 2018 to the following nominations and scientific fields (life sciences, exact sciences and engineering):

  • In the field of biology and ecology “Alexandru CIUBOTARU“;
  • In the field of chemistry “Nicolae GĂRBĂLĂU“;
  • In the field of medicine “Constantin ȚÎBÎRNĂ“;
  • In the field of agriculture “Ilie UNTILĂ“;
  • In the field of engineering “Ion HĂBĂȘESCU“;
  • In the field of physics “Vsevolod MOSCALENCO“;
  • In the field of mathematics and computer science “Constantin SIBIRSCHI“;
  • For young researchers (in the field of life sciences, exact and engineering sciences) “Boris MELNIC“;
  • For the promotion of science in the media “Pârghia lui Arhimede“.

For more information go to:

Deadline for submission of applications and files:

September 23, 2019, 5pm.

The completed files and the applications for participation in the contest will be presented at the address:

Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt no.1,

Chisinau municipality (office 323, office 442).


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