Alina Ostapov, intern at the University of Genova

Between May 12 – June 12, 2019, Ostapov Alina, university lecturer in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, benefited from an internship at the University of Genova (UNIGE), Italy.

Following the selection, the UTM teaching staff had a visit to the Department of Architecture and Design (DAD), as well as to the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage (SSPAP). The objective of the trip was to understand how university and postgraduate courses are designed and taught in architectural preservation, to study the structure and content of theoretical and practical courses, to examine the basic technical literature used for and within courses, to examine student exercises in university and postgraduate courses with the aim of taking over the good practices and experience of the Italians in architectural preservation.

During the internship, connections were made with the administration and lecturers in the field, which will be followed by the signing of an ERASMUS agreement. Alina Ostapov also participated in the Conference “3B – Books, Buildings, Bytes”, in which she discussed with the Rector of the School of Architecture and Design, Ole Gustavsen, about a future collaboration.

Worth noting is the attention and openness to collaboration of the teachers from UNIGE, DAD and SSPAP, who gave a detailed presentation of the structure of the Italian education system, various examples of projects and answered all the questions that arose during the course.

The internship was carried out within the TWINNING project “Support for the promotion of the cultural heritage in the Republic of Moldova through its preservation and protection”, financed by the European Union, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

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