IWE course in welding, under the auspices of UTM-ASR

A new visitor at UTM, prof. Dorin DEHELEAN, executive director of the Welding Association of Romania (ASR), member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, has tied a new (additional) agreement between UTM and ASR, regarding a qualification course of an international / European welding engineer (IWE) level.

Accompanied by the same team of enthusiasts and great supporters of his field – associate professor, dr. Valentin AMARIEI, head of Continuous Education Directorate; associate professor, dr. Rodion CIUPERCĂ, head of the Department of Product Engineering within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport (FIMIT); Dumitru BODEANU, IWE engineer; Dumitru CAIMACAN, PhD student of the FIMIT Doctoral School, the guest was extremely delighted to return to UTM – the institution in which he always finds insights and support for the field of his choice – welding.

This time, the purpose of his visit to UTM has been to organize a qualification course of international / European welding engineer (IWE) level. Made by the ASR Training Center, approved internationally and at an European level by the International Welding Institute, respectively the European Welding Federation, it was proposed that the respective IWE course be carried out in collaboration with the University Continuous Training Center of UTM. The idea was openly accepted by UTM, especially the rector, prof. Viorel BOSTAN, who showed willingness to make the necessary spaces available for the audience of these courses, including the Welding Laboratory within FIMIT. In this context, it was mentioned that various companies, including from Romania, looking for welding engineers, request the recommendation of UTM students to train them in international projects. The wide demand of specialists in the field further emphasizes the need for IWE courses, since they can also be attended by specialists / students from related fields, who can obtain, in this way, the international engineer-welding certificate.

During the discussions on the topic, the training of 4-5 UTM teachers during these courses was proposed, who would later take on the role of trainers. At the same time, UTM representatives stressed the need to identify those companies that are heavily involved in welding activities in order to jointly promote the need and importance of this field. Also, the need to restore the specialty of welding engineer in the Specialty Nomenclature was addressed, the necessity to attract the professional associations, including the support of the Association of Private Companies in the field of ICT – ATIC, already known for its initiatives of lobby, education and human capital development promoted at the level of the highest decision-makers – Government, Parliament, as well as attracting in the activities carried out both the university environment and the business one. Also, the opening of an ASR subsidiary in the Republic of Moldova would be welcomed, which will address the pressing problems of the field and identify viable solutions for overcoming them.

Thus, the additional contract signed by the rector of UTM, Viorel BOSTAN, and the president of ASR, Dorin DEHELEAN, provides the following structure of the IWE course in accordance with the requirements of the guide of the International Welding Institute IAB 252-r2016, namely: part 1 (theoretical / introductory) – 93 hours; part 2 (practice) – 60 hours; part 3 (theoretical) – 293 hours, following that the theoretical part of the course will be carried out without removing the audience from production, by videoconference, in room 212, block 6, UTM, and the practical part – in the welding laboratory of UTM. At the same time, part of the course hours related to Part I of the course (49 hours) will be supported by UTM teachers: associate professor, dr. Victor BALAN, engineer IWE Dumitru BODEANU, associate professor, dr. Vitalie CHISTOL, dr. Nicolae TRIFAN, and the other course hours related to parts 1 and 3, in total – 337 hours, will be supported by ASR lecturers. The practical part of the course will be done by Dumitru BODEANU – IWE engineer, and A. RUSU – master of practical training at the Professional School no. 3, Chișinău.

The period of the course is 2.09.2019 – 30.05.2020. The course manager from ASR is dr. Anamaria FEIER, and from UTM – associate professor, dr. Rodion CIUPERCĂ.

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