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The rector of UTM greets the new generation of engineerings

These days, the Technical University of Moldova regains its intense, motivating and very exciting atmosphere that usually prevails during the studies. A very special moment: UTM opens its doors to the students of the first year, inviting them to a first meeting with the rector, the teachers and their older student-colleagues – an orientation session for freshmen in the world of study and research in engineering.

After a meeting with the students of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET) of the university campus Centru, then with those of the faculties of the campus Botanica – Urbanism and Architecture (FUA), Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre (FCGC), Economic Engineering and Business (FIEB), today, the meeting was focused on the newly enrolled students of the faculties Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM), Mechanical Engineering and Transport (FIMIT), Food Technology (FTA), Textile and Polygraphy (FTP). The latter are part of the Râșcani university campus – the part of the University which integrates 4 of the 9 faculties of UTM. The Faculty of CIM, with the largest number traditionally registered over the years, reached another record this summer, with the highest admission rate – over 600 students – almost half of the total admission to university. And because today’s meeting involved an outstandingly numerous presence, it was hosted in a suitable location – the ICT Center of Excellence – TEKWILL within UTM, one of the largest IT hubs in South-East Europe.

Presenting the deans, the heads of the departments of the three faculties of the Râșcani campus of UTM, the rector, dr. Viorel BOSTAN, emphasized in his greeting message addressed to the young people newly enrolled at the Technical University of Moldova:

Our dear ones! This day represents a turning point in your life – you have reaped a victory not only in relation to others, but also to your own limits that you have overcome. The tenacity that is read in your eyes gives me the confidence that you realize that an intense learning effort awaits you, but also a huge joy that comes along with the success. I appreciate your courage to enroll in engineering studies at UTM. It’s the perfect choice! You already know it and you will continue to understand it in the process: today the world is creative, ingenious, inventive. By choosing UTM, you have proven that you are aware of the wide range of opportunities offered by engineering and that you have knowingly made this choice. It’s a first step in your future professional career. I congratulate you and I trust that you will show the same thoughtful and visionary spirit in studies!

Impressed by the many opportunities that open up in front of them, newly enrolled students followed their deans and teachers on visits to the faculties, where for 4 years they will find their second home and where, step by step, they will build their professional future.

May this debut be a good and abundant one, dear first year students!

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