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UTM launches a new textbook – “Industrial management”

The Technical University of Moldova welcomes the new year of studies with a new university textbook – “Industrial Management”. Recently launched at FIEB, it constitutes the joint effort of the scientific-teaching staff from different faculties, but also of the specialists from the real sphere.

The work involved 22 scientific-teaching staff representatives from five faculties – Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications [1], Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport [2], Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture [3] and Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre [4], as well as from the real sector – a conclusive proof that beautiful results can be achieved through cooperation.

The textbook includes the basic elements of management, but also specific aspects regarding the training fields covered by UTM, therefore, it represents a clear interest for researchers.

The coordinator of the paper, dr. Vasile MAMALIGA, underlined, during the celebration of the launch of the textbook, the challenges and the complexity of the efforts made during the elaboration of this piece, but also the satisfaction of successfully meeting them in an essential and useful work. He wanted to particularly highlight the support provided by Mr. Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector of Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, which contributed substantially to both the elaboration of the textbook and the establishment of the funding sources for publishing.

At the launching of the textbook, dr. Rafael CILOCI – dean of FIEB, university professors, qualified doctors Tatiana MANOLE and Svetlana GOROBIEVSCHI, emphasized the importance of this event for the academic environment, whose rigorous development created a platform for interdisciplinary and inter-faculties collaboration.

It has been suggested that this type of activity will necessarily find its continuation in the future, in order to successfully value the educational offer of UTM.

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