Renovations at UTM “have no vacation”

The Technical University of Moldova has been working intensely daily, so that the renovations, transformations and preparations for the new year of studies would be reaching its last hundred meters.

Fully involved in this important process of change of UTM, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, Mr. Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector of UTM for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, revealed, on his Facebook page, more details on the topic.

The new year of studies 2️01️9️-2️0️2️0️ comes with whole transformations (furniture, inventory, but also devices, modern equipment) of the study and research spaces, including in the premises of the Faculty of Food Technology (FTA). The students and the teachers of this faculty are expected to enjoy 4 “new” laboratories, completely renovated within the Project “Renovating and equipping the training laboratories for carrying out the horticultural practical courses within the restructuring program of the horticulture sector “Livada Moldovei” (project director: PhD, professor Vladislav REȘITCA, dean of FTA). There are 4 laboratories used in the training and research process:

  • Laboratory 5-209;
  • Laboratory 5-213, “Food Chemistry”;
  • Laboratory 5-219, “Food Conservation Technology”;
  • Laboratory 5-407, “Food dehydration and refrigeration technology”.

At the same time, the repair works of the corridors of the FTA study block are being completed – modern, friendly and comfortable spaces.

The Technical University of Moldova benefits from horticultural investment projects. The money is provided by the European Investment Bank for the procurement of horticultural machinery and equipment, as well as for the renovation and equipping with the latest equipment, laboratories, including practical training rooms for students. The aim is to bring UTM closer to the quality standards of the European Union. The investments are made within the “Livada Moldovei” Project initiated by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and supported by the European Investment Bank.

Through the project “Livada Moldovei” credits can be accessed for the technologization and mechanization of the primary production processes in horticulture, equipping with irrigation and antigrain systems, modernizing the processing processes, but also diversifying the markets for Moldovan fruits.

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