Be a moderator and presenter for the international professional development eTwinning seminar, Bucharest

The National eTwinning Assistance Office launches a competition for participation as a workshop moderator and eTwinning best practices presenter at the international professional development seminar “Developing skills through Students Involvement in eTwinning Projects” which will be held on October 11-13, 2019, in Bucharest, Romania.

The seminar will focus on ways of involving students in eTwinning projects in order to develop their skills and abilities. The selected candidates will moderate a workshop on student involvement in eTwinning and will present a best practices presentation by selecting a project they moderated / participated in and obtained a national and / or European quality certificate.

Number of candidates: 2

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates must

  • be registered on the eTwinning platform;
  • have the experience of participating and moderating projects – winners of National and European quality certificates;
  • have at least an intermediate level of communication in English, as the presentation will be conducted in English (candidates will be called by telephone for an interview in English)

The experience of moderating other similar events at national / international level is an advantage.

Deadline: August 31, 2019

Candidates will send:

  1. a short motivational letter in English indicating the experience of participation and moderation of eTwinning projects, the record of National and European quality certificates, the level of knowledge of the English language;
  2. a sketch of proposed activities for the workshop to be moderated (specifying the methods and tools for involving the students) at the e-mail address and

Note! Participation as moderator and presenter will be a voluntary one without physical remuneration, but only attested by a certificate of event moderation.

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