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Jorj CIUMAC: “For me, UTM means HOME”

Prior to the beginning of the new year of studies, the Faculty of Food Technology hosted today an anniversary celebration, on which the rector, prof. univ., dr. Viorel BOSTAN sent, on behalf of the administration of the Technical University of Moldova, cordial congratulations to the university professor, dr. Jorj CIUMAC.

As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for his prodigious activity, proved by his professional-scientific and didactic competence, the dedication and remarkable results obtained in the education and training of many generations in the field of food technology, especially for the founding of the Department of Food Technology and Organization, creation of Francophone Food Technologies Branch, managing multiple TEMPUS projects, involvement in the activity of the doctoral school Food Science etc., the rector of UTM wished Jorj many years of new performances, giving him a personalized engraved plaque and a cash prize from the university.

Acknowledgments for his activity within UTM were expressed by the dean of the FTA, associate professor, Dr. Vladislav REȘITCA; Roxana ȚURCANU-TOLOMEY, director of the Chișinău Representation of the University Agency of Francophonie; associate professor, dr. Aurelia CHIRSANOVA, head of the Food and Nutrition Department, associate professor, Dr. Artur MACARI, head of the Food Products Technology Department; Nicolae LUCA, Francophone Branch “Technologies Alimentaires”, UTM, director of the School of Sommeliers of Moldova.

Prof. Jorj CIUMAC thanked the administration of UTM and the staff of the Faculty of Food Technology for supporting the successful implementation of the university’s objectives, mentioning that he stays with the academic community of UTM, for him UTM being Home.

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