Education and training through integrity at UTM

The Technical University of Moldova launches the institutional campaign “Education and training through integrity!”, which aims to raise awareness among the university community about the problem of corruption and to encourage its members to unmask such violations.

Thus, those who know information about corruption cases are encouraged to leave a message by phone or email.

In this context, we remind you about the UTM Anti-corruption Line, with the number 0 7979-2929, and the address, where cases of corruption, bribery, blackmail and other forms of corruption can be reported.

We remind that the education and training actions through integrity already have a permanent status at UTM, and the civic education workshops are held at all faculties. Last year, for example, public lectures on the topic “Ethical principles applicable to the university environment” were organized, in October. 

The phenomenon of corruption and the methods of combating it were put on a wallpaper during the anti-corruption week in higher education institutions. The series of public lectures were held by professors of the Law Department, UTM – the university lecturer Victor Catan and the senior lecturer Alexandru Sava (October 16, 2018, the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and the Faculty of Energy and Electrical Engineering), the university lecturers Iurie Ivanov and Oleg Tănase (on October 16, 2018 – at the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre, the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture and the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering, and on October 17, 2018 – at the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, the Faculty of Textile and Polygraphy, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport and the Faculty of Food Technology). 

A number of topics were addressed, including the legislative-normative framework and the EU, EC and RM tools for combating, countering and preventing corruption; standards for determining and measuring the phenomenon in the university environment; the role of the values ​​and principles on which the educational process of training specialists is based on, assuring individuals with higher qualifications to have integral personalities and be morally, civically and socially responsible.

These didactic-civic workshops were carried out in accordance at the discretion of the Sectoral Anti-Corruption Plan in the field of education for the years 2018-2020, the order of the Minister of Education, Culture and Research “On the approval of the recommendations regarding the conduct of public lectures in the context of the anti-corruption week in the higher education institutions” and the order of the Rector of UTM.


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