The renovation of the university amphitheater in the Râșcani UTM campus

The new academic year is approaching rapidly, and for its inauguration, the Technical University of Moldova is preparing several surprises. One of them is the opening of a newly renovated university amphitheater.

Located in the Râșcani sector of UTM, in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty of Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics, the new space promises to be one of the academic attractions of the new year of studies.

More about the renovation works will be explained by the vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, Dinu ȚURCANU:

– Since the lecture halls are very important for the study process, and their transformation, modernization and renovation are a permanent priority of the UTM administration, these ideas and concerns have initiated a unique project of setting up a university amphitheater. The renovation consists of the replacement of the windows, thermal insulation, paving of the classroom spaces, complete transformation of the interior, installation of modern sound systems, projection and lighting systems, access (corporate wireless) to the public Internet. As well as a lot of other interesting details, which we will be exhibited at the inauguration of the new academic year.

Previously, the walls of the building were transformed into real works of art, being covered with a unique mural painting, made by graffiti artist from Moldova, Inna Jeliaskova. The works were displayed and appreciated during the second edition of the Festival of creative industries Moldovan Design Week, which emphasizes their originality, but also the popularity of the author.

Inna Jeliaskova, known as iZZY iZVNE, is a remarkable artist who creates graffiti – a passion that she has been following since the end of 2011. Initially, she made simple calligraphy, after which she started working with shadows, and then came to 3D drawing. Lately, she has been working with gothic calligraphy – something no one else does. This is how she became the artist who gives life to the gray buildings of Chișinău. IZZY is the only artist in the Republic of Moldova who was included in the book “100 European graffiti artists”, 2014.

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