Continuous renovations even during weekends, here, at UTM

It is up to us how we (re) build our institution: making the Technical University of Moldova operate more inventively, more technologically, but also more efficiently for those who have found a second home in the TUM. During summers, the renovation and arrangement of study spaces (classrooms, laboratories, etc.) becomes a continuous process, without days of rest, in order to assure a new year of studies with major changes for TUM students.

On Saturday, the UTM administration, represented by Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector of Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, inspected the study areas of the Physics Department (head of the department – prof., PhD, Vasile Tronciu). The process of transformation and modernization made a radical change in 6️ laboratories, 2️ classrooms for lectures and seminars: 2️5️ windows, 1️5️ doors, 5️2️ new pieces of furniture, modern and pleasant corridors.

The completion of the repair works will be followed up by arranging calculation machinery and experimental installations, so that Physics classes in the newly renovated rooms will become more pleasant and attractive – as it is known that the environment and the comfortable working space are a step forward to motivating and inspiring students.

Why Physics? Because the development of engineering and technical sciences cannot be conceived today without the development and deepening of knowledge regarding this discipline, as well as in the other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

Physics has become a solid basis for a technology-driven economy, built from lasers, fiber optics, semiconductor devices, advanced materials, information technologies, many other innovations. This means that physics motivates you to get involved in building the future in the same way that it helps you understand the world around you. Moreover, the answer to some fundamental questions in fields such as engineering, science of materials, industry, business or even politics, are found in the fundamental principles and laws of physics. 

If you are passionate about engineering and want to create yourself a future and a successful career, we urge you to submit the necessary documents at the Admission Committee of UTM until the 3️0th of August, to become a UTM student with the chance of benefiting from studies with budgetary financing!

On Sunday, the process of renovation, transformation and preparation for the new year of studies drew the attention of the administrative team of the faculties of Food Technology (FTA) and Mechanical Engineering Transport (FIMIT). The modernization works have found support in the project “Renovating and equipping the training laboratories for carrying out the practical courses of horticulture within the restructuring program of the horticultural sector “Livada Moldovei” (project director: dr., associate professor Vladislav REȘITCA , FTA dean).

The Technical University of Moldova benefits from investment projects in horticulture. The money is provided by the European Investment Bank for the purchase of horticultural machinery and equipment, as well as for renovating and equipping of the laboratories. The aim is to elevate UTM to the quality standards of the European Union. The investments are made within the “Livada Moldovei” Project initiated by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and supported by the European Investment Bank.

Through the project “Livada Moldovei”, credits can be accessed for the tech and mechanization of primary production processes in horticulture, endowment with irrigation and antigrain systems, modernization of processing processes, but also the diversification of markets for Moldovan fruits.

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