UTM at the Teachers’ Municipal Forum in Chișinău

“Our whole life is a school” – this is how the theatrical gymnasium “Ion Luca Caragiale” in Chișinău defines their mission. They seek to follow this motto in all their activities, including the one which will debut in the new study year 2019-2020 – The Teachers’ Municipal Forum, starting August 20th, 2019.

Organized under the auspices of the General Directorate of Education, Youth and Sport of the Chișinău Municipal Council, this first edition of the Forum is announced to be a very special one. With a generic title – “The key to the gate of the Future is in the hands of the devoted teacher”, the event will include 141 master-classes, structured on various important topics.

The highlight will be the special session “Integration of WEB tools and educational software in the teaching-learning-evaluation process”, which the management team of the institution has proposed to carry out alongside a university that excels in this area – the Technical University of Moldova. The session will start at 10.00 am, at the UTM’s Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics Faculty (str. Studenților 9/7, bl. 3, FCIM, 5th floor, aud. 502).

Elena Boldurescu, the director of the gymnasium, managerial qualification of level I, and Tatiana Frumuzachi, the teacher of the host institution, didactical qualification of level I, said that they are eager to enjoy the experience of university teachers, having as special guests: Dinu Țurcanu, vice-rector UTM for informatization, partnerships, institutional image and communication; Svetlana Cojocaru and Nina Sava, university lecturers, program managers, Department of Software and Automatic Engineering (DISA), Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM), UTM.

The session participants will be greeted by the vice-rector of UTM, Dinu Țurcanu, and the director of the gymnasium, Elena Boldurescu, after which they will discuss important points on the topics: “Digital strategies for creating a good environment in school” (moderator: Elena Boldurescu), “Educational software – an alternative to traditional methods” (moderator: Tatiana Frumuzachi), “Making educational management more efficient by using web tools. Digital products – a transdisciplinary approach” (moderator: Svetlana Cojocaru), “Digital teaching methods. Web tools for learning and evaluation” (moderator: Nina Sava). There will also be workshops – “Creating an address group on Google groups”, “Google drive – storing, creating and editing documents and online forms” (moderator: Svetlana Cojocaru), “Creating posters and editing images online using www.crello.com“, “Creating video presentations using Powtoon”, “Creating exercises using learningapps.org” (moderator: Nina Sava).

Thus, an event of great value is announced, whereby the organizers come with the urge to promote the role of the teacher through the activities included in the agenda, therefore proving the saying: The key to the gate of the Future is in the hands of the devoted teacher.

Event registration link: https://forms.gle/5yD5xCjP8GjokyY69


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