Ecaterina DIUVENJI: “The future is in the hands of the architect!”

Ecaterina DIUVENJI is a student in her 6th year at the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture. She says she is proud that she chose to become an architect, because this specialty, settled on the border between art and science, allows her to express herself both from a creative and an engineering point of view, because the architect is an engineer, an artist, a creator and a thinker. In his hands lies the destiny of big cities and their architectural identity.

– Here, at FUA-UTM, we have found all the support and understanding to manifest ourselves in wholly, says Ecaterina. We are understood, motivated, valued. We have all the freedom to dream, to create, to express ourselves. And the knowledge and experience that our teachers deliver to us is priceless for our path in the field. Because, beyond the freedom of thought and creation, when designing new projects, we, architects, have the important mission of preserving the architectural identity of the cities, localities, in close connection with the environment, but also with the predilections of the inhabitants. It is a required and necessary specialty anywhere in the world, and this fact makes me extremely proud of the choice I have made. The Future is in our hands!

Engineers create the future!

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